IMM FIP UMJ Distributes takjil and groceries

Fastabiqul Khoirot is a term that is often heard in the Muhammadiyah environment which means competing in goodness and has even been used as the name of a program for distributing takjil, food and Islamic studies to the community at Al-Muhajirin 1 Sawangan Mosque, Depok (07/04/23).

The Fastabiqul Khoirot activity was organized by the Commissariat Leaders (PK) Muhammadiyah Student Association ( IMM ) Faculty of Education (FIP) Cirendeu Branch (PC) Muhammadiyah University Jakarta ( UMJ ). Carrying the theme “Joint Association Reaching the Blessings of the Month of Ramadan”, the activity was held on 7-8 April 2023.

This activity is a work program from the Social Community Empowerment (SPM) sector and the Tabligh and Islamic Studies (TKI) sector. Chief Executive Gusnaira Fidmatan said that the aim of the Fastabiqul Khoirot activity was to gain blessings in this glorious month and share knowledge through seminar studies from the EKW and SPM fields.

The general chairman of PK IMM FIP Dedi Mursadi in his remarks said that as IMM cadres we must compete in kindness especially during the momentum of the month of Ramadan IMM’s role must be present in the midst of society. “Every month of Ramadan PK IMM FIP always holds Fastabiqul Khoirot ( faskho) activities in order to compete in goodness during the month of Ramadan by getting closer to the community,” said Dedi.

Furthermore, Dedi hopes that his cadres will be able to improve the ideology of IMM and Muhammadiyah as a social movement that provides the widest possible benefits.

Also present was the Chairman of PC IMM Cirendeu Almer Adiyatma, SH who also opened the event explaining that, “The word blessing in the faskho theme has the same meaning as the word happiness and also connects the concept of happiness to the epicuros period,” Almer explained.

Furthermore, the Entrepreneurship Seminar with the theme of Growing a Creative and Innovative Entrepreneurship Spirit in the Disruption Era . The purpose of this seminar is to initiate how IMM cadres must become creative and innovative entrepreneurs in today’s era.

Tondi Alfaraby Harahap was presented as a guest speaker for the study, saying that ” Entrepreneurship is not a profession but a mindset or soul that one must have when wanting to build a business.

Chairman of PK IMM FIP Dedi Mursadi when delivering his opening remarks at the UMJ FIP Auditorium, Friday (07/04/2023)

Furthermore, Tondi gave motivation to all IMM cadres who took part in the seminar so that IMM cadres were able to become reliable and smart entrepreneurs so that their businesses could grow and benefit both themselves and the environment. “IMM cadres must have a business that is in accordance with their respective passions ,” said Tondi.

The activity which lasts for 2 days will be filled with a series of iftar activities with the community, sahur together, compensation for 40 orphans, studies in the field of SPM, studying with children, and a second-hand clothes bazaar in the courtyard of the Al-Muhajirin Mosque . (WM/KSU).

Editor: Budiman

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